Valencia 2011

Valencia 2011

domingo, 10 de julio de 2011


Hola Lola!

Time flies like Iberia! Just two more weeks in magic Valencia. More to come when you visit Spain with your kids in a near future : )

Besides the celebration for Independence Day with games on the beach last Monday, there were also some other interesting things that took place last week. We had our traditional screening of spanish movies on Tuesday with "Mar Adentro". Last Wednesday was our last day for sports. Since the sun was so furious that day we were on the fields for a shorter time than the usual.

Last Thursday was for a Flamenco show! It was fun! The kids practiced what they had learned in the flamenco classes and enjoyed dancing it with full energy! And with that same energy teenagers have at their age, 15 kids from the group could experience a live concert on Friday with a spanish band called Maldita Nerea (*optiona activity*).

On Saturday they visited the Fallero Museum where they could see the Ninots (like big dolls or puppets that are displayed in March during the famous "Fallas Valencianas") that werent burnt as the tradition demands. See:

Today (Sunday), we went with some students (*optional activity*) to Cirque du Soleil. They were impressed with all the performances and magic it offered. Our jaws were on the floor during the 2 hours.

This week we will be working on our performances for the farewell party. Meaning that you have to prepare the welcome party over there! Start thinking how to surprise your kids since they really miss you all! 

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