Valencia 2011

Valencia 2011

martes, 19 de julio de 2011


Unfortunately good times always have an end!

Last week in Valencia was for (final) exams and the last rehearsals for choir and theater before the big day: The Farewell Party. The students prepared their individual and group performances with too much effort. The result was more than outstading! It was superoutstandulous! The students sang, acted and danced with emotion and love. Families were happy and impressed by the talent your kids showed on stage. Great show, laughs and lot of fun! A night to remember!

But happiness will contrast with sadness this week. This coming Wednesday will be the hardest for the kids since they have to say bye-bye to their spanish families. On Wednesday we will be leaving for Madrid where we will be staying two days. We will visit the famous Prado and Reina Sofia museums and many other interesting places. Friday is the day you all have been waiting for: KIDS ARE BACK IN HOME! Time to prepare a good american meal and have a warm welcome for those you love with the deep bottom part of your heart.

On behalf of the Valencia team (Matt, Ivy, Victor and me), I want to say that It was great to spend a summer with nice, lovely and intelligent kids like your kids were. 

Muchas gracias a todos ustedes!

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