Valencia 2011

Valencia 2011

domingo, 19 de junio de 2011


Hot in the city! Hot in the city.... !

Hola familias! Hope this new entry finds you great.

Second week in Valencia has just finished and a lot of activies took place during this lapse. Last Tuesday we visited Old Valencia and New Valencia in the downtown area. The kids had the chance to know a little bit about Valencia during the Muslim and Christian period and see beautiful architectural pearls such as Las Torres de Serrano, La Lonja, La Catedral, El Miguelete and La Plaza de la Reina.

Last Wednesday was for sweating.Your kids played soccer, volleyball, ultimate frisbee and some others ran on the track field. It was fun! Many goals were scored during the soccer match by the way. And our first excursion also took place during this second week . Our destination: Cuenca! This is a pretty
mountainous spanish town with amazing sights that include the Hanging Houses (they are cling impossibly to the sides of sheer cliffs 200 metres above the junction of two river canyons), the Saint Paul bridge, The Gothic Cathedral (was the second one built in this style in Spain). We also visited the Enchanted City that is few miles aways from Cuenca. The students were amazed by the great number of big rocks with different shapes. They just said:  They rock! (in spanish would be Que' guay!). 

And to close a magnificent week full of history,sports, classes, happiness, walking and ice-cream we went with 30 students to the largest aquarium in Europe and second largest one in the world called the Oceanografico (an optional activity so in the group picture you wont see the whole group) .We saw a show with dolphins and a lot of sea animals such as sea lions, seals, walruses, belugas,sharks,sea horses and many
more. We also went to the Science Museum where we played to be Einstein and tried to invent a transportation machine that could allow you to travel from Indiana to Valencia in just 10 seconds. We are still
working on that and for sure you will be the first ones using it.

Please use the dictionary to translate this phrase from spanish that your sons and daughters keep repeating all the time : YO AMO A MI PAPA, A MI MAMA Y FAMILIA EN ESTADOS UNIDOS MUCHO!!!!!
I will check if you did your homework to see how your spanish is improving.

Buen di'a, tarde, noche :)

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  1. Glad to hear that they love their dad, mom and family in the US very much....!!! We love them, too!!!!