Valencia 2011

Valencia 2011

domingo, 26 de junio de 2011


Hola familia  :)

June 26th, time flies, huh? Three exciting weeks in Valencia left behind and three more to come with a lot of  learning and fun. Besides our spanish classes in the mornings and choir and theater in the afternoons we had fascinating optional activities you kids could enjoy during the last week. The week started with the screening of a famous spanish movie "El Laberinto Fauno" (Pan's Labyrinth) for free at school. On Tuesday some students went to Park Gulliver where they ran, played hide-and-seek and had fun on different slides.

Last Thursday was time for ties, dresses and elegant suits. Reason: Visit to Valencia City Hall. A representative from the local government received the group in the main room where politicians agree on different laws for Valencia citizens. Mrs Ana Albert´s speech highlighted the high academic and spanish level of our students and stated it was an honor to have such brilliant kids from Indiana in Valencia. This event was so relevant  that we made the news with the headline: Valencia IU Honors Program: THE CREAM OF THE CROP.


To close the week(end) we decided to move our 206 bones with the Dance day on Friday and Flamenco classes on Sunday. So you should demand your kids to teach you all the latin and spanish dances they learned with us and dance those with the whole family in the living room. I will suggest to dance with them Chu-chu-uaa and Waka-waka (link to the videos). After those dances you will probably have to change the floor.

On Saturday we went green. We visited a Natural Park called La Albufera with a group of 18 students (optional activity). We took a ride on a small boat around a beautiful lake with plenty of flora and fauna. There were a lot of mom ducks with their cute ducklings, seagulls, great white herons and crocodiles. It was a day to hear and feel Mother Nature and smell fresh air! By the way, the thing about the crocodiles didnt happen if you are still thinking about that line. That was the first thing we asked the guide since we wanted a saved ride for all of us.

Your kids asked me to thank you for giving them this opportunity to enjoy Valencia. They said you were the greatest parents and family on earth. And I personally agree on that since by allowing them to live and learn about a different culture you are doing an excellent job. Not too many parents do this nor think about the great value it is to give their kids a chance to travel to another country. On behalf of them: 
GRACIAS POR SER LA MEJOR FAMILIA DEL PLANETA (dictionary time! You wont skip homework this week).


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