Valencia 2011

Valencia 2011

martes, 19 de julio de 2011


Unfortunately good times always have an end!

Last week in Valencia was for (final) exams and the last rehearsals for choir and theater before the big day: The Farewell Party. The students prepared their individual and group performances with too much effort. The result was more than outstading! It was superoutstandulous! The students sang, acted and danced with emotion and love. Families were happy and impressed by the talent your kids showed on stage. Great show, laughs and lot of fun! A night to remember!

But happiness will contrast with sadness this week. This coming Wednesday will be the hardest for the kids since they have to say bye-bye to their spanish families. On Wednesday we will be leaving for Madrid where we will be staying two days. We will visit the famous Prado and Reina Sofia museums and many other interesting places. Friday is the day you all have been waiting for: KIDS ARE BACK IN HOME! Time to prepare a good american meal and have a warm welcome for those you love with the deep bottom part of your heart.

On behalf of the Valencia team (Matt, Ivy, Victor and me), I want to say that It was great to spend a summer with nice, lovely and intelligent kids like your kids were. 

Muchas gracias a todos ustedes!

domingo, 10 de julio de 2011


Hola Lola!

Time flies like Iberia! Just two more weeks in magic Valencia. More to come when you visit Spain with your kids in a near future : )

Besides the celebration for Independence Day with games on the beach last Monday, there were also some other interesting things that took place last week. We had our traditional screening of spanish movies on Tuesday with "Mar Adentro". Last Wednesday was our last day for sports. Since the sun was so furious that day we were on the fields for a shorter time than the usual.

Last Thursday was for a Flamenco show! It was fun! The kids practiced what they had learned in the flamenco classes and enjoyed dancing it with full energy! And with that same energy teenagers have at their age, 15 kids from the group could experience a live concert on Friday with a spanish band called Maldita Nerea (*optiona activity*).

On Saturday they visited the Fallero Museum where they could see the Ninots (like big dolls or puppets that are displayed in March during the famous "Fallas Valencianas") that werent burnt as the tradition demands. See:

Today (Sunday), we went with some students (*optional activity*) to Cirque du Soleil. They were impressed with all the performances and magic it offered. Our jaws were on the floor during the 2 hours.

This week we will be working on our performances for the farewell party. Meaning that you have to prepare the welcome party over there! Start thinking how to surprise your kids since they really miss you all! 

lunes, 4 de julio de 2011


Hola Hola Coca Cola!

One more week behind  : (  Sniff, sniff

Last week was full of adventure,culture and Barcelona. The week started with a visit to one of the most famous porcelain companies around the world: Lladró. The kids had the chance to see the whole process a piece has to go through to reach that magnificent elegance that is very common in a Lladró porcelain.

On Tuesday, we went to Valencia's soccer stadium El Mestalla. We were able to see the press room, the field, the private rooms companies and fans can use for a season and many pictures from the team´s glorious times.After that, the kids had the chance to buy merchandise from Valencia CF in an official store close to the stadium.

Las Thursday was for biting nails. A famous spanish thriller was screened for free. Many students liked the movie but said it was a little bit scary.

And..... and.... and ....... Friday came with a great excursion  to Barcelona. It was a total success.We left Valencia around 6:07am and arrived in Barcelona around 11:19 am.We visited the famous Sagrada Familia first. Some kids had the chance to see the interior and some others decided to go shopping around the place. It was so beautiful and nice! We had lunch in a famous park called Parc Guell. This was designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi. We also visited Gaudi´s Casa Mila and saw Casa Batllo´s facade. At the end of the visit they had free time to explore Las Ramblas, the Gothic Quarter, the market and the Port. It was simply : Fantástico!

The best wishes from all your kids . They say:  HAPPY 4th of July! Long Live America!

domingo, 26 de junio de 2011


Hola familia  :)

June 26th, time flies, huh? Three exciting weeks in Valencia left behind and three more to come with a lot of  learning and fun. Besides our spanish classes in the mornings and choir and theater in the afternoons we had fascinating optional activities you kids could enjoy during the last week. The week started with the screening of a famous spanish movie "El Laberinto Fauno" (Pan's Labyrinth) for free at school. On Tuesday some students went to Park Gulliver where they ran, played hide-and-seek and had fun on different slides.

Last Thursday was time for ties, dresses and elegant suits. Reason: Visit to Valencia City Hall. A representative from the local government received the group in the main room where politicians agree on different laws for Valencia citizens. Mrs Ana Albert´s speech highlighted the high academic and spanish level of our students and stated it was an honor to have such brilliant kids from Indiana in Valencia. This event was so relevant  that we made the news with the headline: Valencia IU Honors Program: THE CREAM OF THE CROP.


To close the week(end) we decided to move our 206 bones with the Dance day on Friday and Flamenco classes on Sunday. So you should demand your kids to teach you all the latin and spanish dances they learned with us and dance those with the whole family in the living room. I will suggest to dance with them Chu-chu-uaa and Waka-waka (link to the videos). After those dances you will probably have to change the floor.

On Saturday we went green. We visited a Natural Park called La Albufera with a group of 18 students (optional activity). We took a ride on a small boat around a beautiful lake with plenty of flora and fauna. There were a lot of mom ducks with their cute ducklings, seagulls, great white herons and crocodiles. It was a day to hear and feel Mother Nature and smell fresh air! By the way, the thing about the crocodiles didnt happen if you are still thinking about that line. That was the first thing we asked the guide since we wanted a saved ride for all of us.

Your kids asked me to thank you for giving them this opportunity to enjoy Valencia. They said you were the greatest parents and family on earth. And I personally agree on that since by allowing them to live and learn about a different culture you are doing an excellent job. Not too many parents do this nor think about the great value it is to give their kids a chance to travel to another country. On behalf of them: 
GRACIAS POR SER LA MEJOR FAMILIA DEL PLANETA (dictionary time! You wont skip homework this week).


domingo, 19 de junio de 2011


Hot in the city! Hot in the city.... !

Hola familias! Hope this new entry finds you great.

Second week in Valencia has just finished and a lot of activies took place during this lapse. Last Tuesday we visited Old Valencia and New Valencia in the downtown area. The kids had the chance to know a little bit about Valencia during the Muslim and Christian period and see beautiful architectural pearls such as Las Torres de Serrano, La Lonja, La Catedral, El Miguelete and La Plaza de la Reina.

Last Wednesday was for sweating.Your kids played soccer, volleyball, ultimate frisbee and some others ran on the track field. It was fun! Many goals were scored during the soccer match by the way. And our first excursion also took place during this second week . Our destination: Cuenca! This is a pretty
mountainous spanish town with amazing sights that include the Hanging Houses (they are cling impossibly to the sides of sheer cliffs 200 metres above the junction of two river canyons), the Saint Paul bridge, The Gothic Cathedral (was the second one built in this style in Spain). We also visited the Enchanted City that is few miles aways from Cuenca. The students were amazed by the great number of big rocks with different shapes. They just said:  They rock! (in spanish would be Que' guay!). 

And to close a magnificent week full of history,sports, classes, happiness, walking and ice-cream we went with 30 students to the largest aquarium in Europe and second largest one in the world called the Oceanografico (an optional activity so in the group picture you wont see the whole group) .We saw a show with dolphins and a lot of sea animals such as sea lions, seals, walruses, belugas,sharks,sea horses and many
more. We also went to the Science Museum where we played to be Einstein and tried to invent a transportation machine that could allow you to travel from Indiana to Valencia in just 10 seconds. We are still
working on that and for sure you will be the first ones using it.

Please use the dictionary to translate this phrase from spanish that your sons and daughters keep repeating all the time : YO AMO A MI PAPA, A MI MAMA Y FAMILIA EN ESTADOS UNIDOS MUCHO!!!!!
I will check if you did your homework to see how your spanish is improving.

Buen di'a, tarde, noche :)

jueves, 9 de junio de 2011

LLegamos a sunny Valencia!

Dear families in USA,

It is great to let you know that our arrival to Madrid and Valencia was great! The flight to Madrid arrived a little bit late but it was understandable due to weather conditions in Spain. We arrived in Valencia around 3:09 pm and host families were anxious waiting to meet their american kids close to the school. Day one and two were for the Orientacion with host families and the first program exam. For some others those two days were also for recovering from the jet lag. Guess what? Tomorrow and the weekend is for the beach, sea and sun (with sunblock and a big bottle of water!).

Greeting for the city of the sweet oranges!